Vivoadvert for Retail

Vivoadvert’s team of retail specialists will help you set up digital campaigns to reach new audiences, convert them into customers, and grow their brand loyalty.

Vivoadvert for B2B

We married ABM’s focused approach with Vivoadvert’s proven performance heritage and tech infrastructure to create our new Advertising Platform. Through our integrations with some of the biggest CRMs in the game—Madreto

Vivoadvert for Agency

Drive more impact with less hassle using Vivoadvert Pro for Agencies. Your clients get performance marketing with real results. Your agency gets a partner that makes it a breeze.

A great deal for every channel

Display ads

Get new and returning users back to your site. Display ads are priced on a dynamic CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

Email ads

Reach your audiences directly in their inboxes. Email retargeting is offered at a fixed $1 CPC (Cost Per Click).

Onsite notifications

Use our exit-intent tool to get visitors to take action. Getting started is no extra charge; customization options are available for a monthly cost.

About Our Platform

Our self-serve platform is one of the most cutting edge solutions for buying and selling traffic. Advertisers, media buyers and affiliate marketers can set up campaigns with a full range of targeting options and ad units to reach their desired audience. We understand data is key to many campaign’s success. That’s why we offer various filters in our reports so you can narrow down to the precise piece of information you need for optimization.


Ready for great performance with less hassle?

Our expert will demonstrate the powerful features and capabilities of the Vivoadvert Traffic Platform and will be happy to answer your questions regarding our product.

“My experience with Vivoadvert was very positive. The team that they put together knew our business and they were relentless in the pursuit of leads. I highly recommend them.”

Karl Pennington

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